Friday, July 18, 2008

July 18th, 2008

Well I missed a day :( its just so hot and humid.... 93 degrees here today but very sticky... last night I watched a doe with her fawn playing in the side yard less than 100 feet from the house.... it was too dark to get pictures though...poor Teddy above has been so hot, but he's dug a hole under the shed and lays there as often as he can or he stays under his tree

I did get some pics of the local ski resort... I am 7 miles from Mad River looks weird with no snow on it LOL... but in the winter it's extremely busy there

adding a few extras since I forgot to blog yesterday LOL

was just messing with the camera trying to get a photo of the honeybees on this sunflower

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 2--yeah I am late LOL

Today was so hectic for me.... one of those painful days where you don't even want to get out of bed, but I had too many packages to get mailed out to just lay around :(

Hubby and I went for a walk around the property this evening and I managed to get a few decent photos to share today

This is "The Path" ... it leads over to my parents house next door.... to the right is a large grove of pine trees that were planted when I was about 10 years old and to the left are wild black & red raspberry bushes (YUMMY!!!!) as well as misc bushes and trees.... crossing across the path are a lot of deer tracks!! There are many white tailed deer in our area and Matt (my son) saw a doe with her fawn just the other day out back in the field
since I am new to blogging I am going to have to mess with this a bit more so I can add a few more picture so for now this is it....see ya tomorrow!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 1

Today was sunny, hot & humid in the 80's... too much going on today to really enjoy anything...but a typical monday for me.....the above photo is our place.... the red A is actually my parents house next door and the backwards L drive is mine.....the area across the road is now part of the Darby Creek Headwaters Nature Preserve......
the clouds are above our house just before sunset